The Fresh Morning Splash of Boroma Gorontalo Waterfall

The Fresh Morning Splash of Boroma Gorontalo Waterfall – One more natural tourism that is a pity if you don’t visit Gorontalo. The name, Boroma waterfall. This recently famous tourist spot is located in North Tamaila Village, Tolangohula District, Gorontalo District (Kabgor).

The Fresh Morning Splash of Boroma Gorontalo Waterfall


adhocpublications – To come to this tourist location, visitors can ride two- and four-wheeled vehicles to get to the starting location. Furthermore, visitors walk with a travel time of about 2 hours.

Even though it is only 2 hours away, the terrain to this location is quite challenging and extreme. Large and slippery rocks are one of the toughest challenges for those who want to feel the freshness of Boroma waterfall.

However, the trip to this location is not really felt, because along the way, visitors are presented with extraordinary natural scenery. The sound of water splashing can make you feel tired on the way immediately disappeared.

Boroma Waterfall is indeed famous for its beauty. In addition to the natural ecosystem that is still maintained, the surrounding forest area still looks beautiful. That’s why the water in this place is clear and cold enough.

Water Can Be Drinked Directly

“Although challenging, but the beauty is quite stunning. The cool air in the morning wants us to linger in this place,

Not only that, said Reza, this clean and clear water can provide its own sensation. This clear and fresh water can also be drunk immediately, although without having to be cooked first.

“Playing on the rocky cliffs of this waterfall is very cool. In addition to the cold water, local residents show that the water can be drunk immediately. I was curious and immediately tried it, wow it turns out fresh too,” he said.

Another visitor, Syahran admitted, had never seen a waterfall as beautiful as this. According to him, Boroma waterfall not only offers clean water, but also provides stunning natural beauty.

“Indeed, this waterfall is not as high as other waterfalls. However, the natural beauty of this place is second to none,” said Syahran.

“Anyway, I hope that visitors do not pollute the place and should protect it with its preservation,” he emphasized.


Singapore Bubble Travel Plans, These Riau Islands Tourism Objects are Featured

Singapore Bubble Travel Plans, These Riau Islands Tourism Objects are Featured – Riau Islands hopes that the travel bubble policy with Singapore can be implemented in its territory to increase the number of tourists. A number of exclusive tourist areas in the archipelago province are considered suitable to implement the policy plan.

Singapore Bubble Travel Plans, These Riau Islands Tourism Objects are Featured


adhocpublications – Head of the Riau Islands Tourism Office, Buralimar stated that the travel bubble concept was suitable, among others, in Nongsa, Lagoi, Cempedak Island, Nikoi Island, Kepri Coral and Telunas. A number of these areas are considered exclusive.

“There are no people there. A comprehensive and strict health protocol can be applied,” said Buralimar, Monday, January 25, 2021.

With the travel bubble policy, citizens from the two countries who made the agreement can freely visit and free from quarantine obligations. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is seeking to open a limited border with Singapore, through a travel bubble policy, especially in Bintan and Batam, which have so far relied on visits by foreign tourists from the Lion country.

Buralimar also plans to invite hygiene certification issuing authorities in Singapore to check health protocols in Bintan Regency, Riau Islands. “We will invite SG Clean to check our health protocol,” he said.

SG Clean is a campaign to improve public hygiene standards amid the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore. SG Clean certificate is given for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and others that meet the requirements.

According to Buralimar, the certification is needed to convince prospective travelers from Singapore to have a vacation in Riau Islands if the travel bubble applies. In addition, in order to convince Singaporean travelers to visit, the Covid-19 transmission rate must be suppressed for 21 days. “This week it has been sloping. That’s what we hope, the transmission rate is sloping, and the vaccine is successful,” he said.


List of football betting sites with a minimum deposit of 50 thousand

List of football betting sites with a minimum deposit of 50 thousand – Determining a soccer gambling site with abundant bonuses is a common practice in today’s online gambling game systems. However, if the site offers cheap offers on the deposit, of course, it will provide its own privileges for gambling members. Where all players who will install soccer gambling and a number of other sportsbook games will be much more affordable.

List of football betting sites with a minimum deposit of 50 thousand


adhocpublications – Gambling players who have found a soccer gambling site, only need to spend 50 thousand deposits, of course, will save expenses. The purpose of playing gambling is to put money in a game. And the victory in the game will be a new source of income for the player’s life.

Even though nowadays many sites with cheap deposit systems have been found, the advantages of winning are equally varied. Players will also be able to enjoy attractive promos and bonuses in their victory. However, players must go through a registration or registration process first before playing. So what is the process? Follow the explanation and easy list method below.

Football Gambling Site List Guide and Process

To immediately be able to play on a soccer gambling site, the registration process begins by preparing the player’s personal data completely. Then enter the registration menu and fill in all data according to the form that is already available. First, pay attention to what you want to fill in the registration form so that there are no mistakes in the end.

Fill in the registration form, among others, the name that matches the account number. Just complete all forms according to valid and correct data. Also fill in the deposit which will be used as playing capital of at least 50 thousand. After the process is complete, confirm to customer service. The deposit process to play will be processed in only 3 minutes.

And the last thing is to wait for notification from the CS if the deposit you have requested has been approved. CS party will provide a play ID as approval. The ID and password that you have obtained will immediately be used to log into the game.

Save it and don’t let any other party find out your play account ID so that all your data is safe from other parties. Those are the list of guides on online soccer gambling sites with guaranteed easy and cheap. Enjoy all the interesting games on the site with only a 50 thousand deposit. Have a nice play!


After 23 years of closure, beaches in East Aceh are again open for tourism

After 23 years of closure, beaches in East Aceh are again open for tourism – A number of beaches in East Aceh Regency will be reopened for tourism. The beach was previously closed for 23 years due to the heightened armed conflict in Aceh.

After 23 years of closure, beaches in East Aceh are again open for tourism


adhocpublications – This was said by the Head of the Tourism, Youth and Sports Office of East Aceh Nauli, quoted from Antara, Wednesday (27/1/2021).

“We are no longer closing the beach as a tourist attraction. The opened beach will be developed according to Islamic tourism,” he said.

His party has asked the village to make a gampong qanun on tourism procedures.

Qanuns are the basis for implementing and implementing the rules at tourist sites. All visitors will have to comply with Islamic law, “he said.

He also asked the village head to create a tourism awareness group that would develop Islamic tourism.

“We also provide an understanding that the opening of coastal tourism objects will create jobs for the community, thereby reducing unemployment,” he explained.

He admitted that there are still limited facilities in beach tourism objects. However, his party is working on this matter.

“Moreover, currently village funds can be used for facilities in tourist objects, but the process is not as easy as turning a palm,” he concluded.


Maros Dispudpar Rely on Local Tourists to Increase Visits in Bantimurung

Maros Dispudpar Rely on Local Tourists to Increase Visits in Bantimurung – During the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of tourist attractions were confirmed to have decreased visitors, this also happened in the Bantimurung Nature Tourism Area which is directly managed by the Maros Regency Government’s Culture and Tourism Service (Disbudpar).

Maros Dispudpar Rely on Local Tourists to Increase Visits in Bantimurung


adhocpublications – Even so, his party continues to carry out promotions to attract visitors to continue traveling by applying health protocols that have been determined by the central and regional governments.

The head of the Maros Regency Culture and Tourism Office, M Ferdiansyah, explained that his party continued to update the application of health protocols in tourist areas and also vacation methods which of course continued to pay attention to health protocols.

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“We must continue to innovate and see the development of tourist areas, today we see a growing trend in the tourism sector, the method is staycation, or being a tourist in the city itself,” he said, Saturday (30/1/2021).

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Ferdiansyah continued, if the staycation vacation method is indeed catching up with local people, especially those in South Sulawesi, even Maros Regency.

“We can see now, a number of airports have tightened the arrival of residents outside the targeted island, this moment is what we catch, where the people of South Sulawesi can feel living in a tourist area with a new atmosphere,” he explained.

In line with that, the Head of Tourism, Disbudpar Maros, Yusriadi Arief, revealed that a number of facilities at KWA Bantimurung really support people who want to have a Staycation vacation.

“KWA Bantimurung is very supportive of this staycation, because we have provided lodging at KWA Bantimurung, whether we have a hotel or guesthouse, they can stay while exploring the beauty of Bantimurung, feel breakfast on the riverbank in the morning and sleep accompanied by direct animal sounds,” he said.

“We are ready to accommodate the wishes of visitors who stay overnight to enjoy the natural atmosphere and also of course with health protocols,”


4 Horror Movie Destinations

4 Horror Movie Destinations – DO YOU want to visit a tourist spot that has been used as a place for shooting horror films? There are many destinations in Indonesia!

4 Horror Movie Destinations


adhocpublications – Maybe you have ever known where the house of Pengabdi Setan, a horror film that was booming in 2017. Or also a line of other films such as Lawang Seru which is also creepy.

So, take a closer look at the row of horror tourist destinations that were once used as film shooting locations.

The House of the “Servant of Satan”

Rumah “Pengabdi Setan” is one of the places that has been used to shoot one of the most viral horror films in Indonesia. This house is located in Pangalengan Bandung, precisely in the PTPN VIII area, Kertamanah Village, Margamukti Village, Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency, West Java.

Initially this place was used as a shooting location, but now many tourists have visited this place to just take pictures or wander around to see the original shape of the house.

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Inside the house, there is a large area and the walls are decorated with wallpaper with white flower patterns and in the back area, there is an old well.

This tourist spot is known to be haunted and many of its “watchmen” are said to be women.

The number of mystical stories circulating is one of the factors that attract tourists to visit this location. How, are you interested?

Satonda Island

Satonda Island is an island that was formed from a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. This island is an island in West Nusa Tenggara Province. To be able to visit it, it takes approximately 5 hours from the city of Dompu by motorized vehicle and boat.

One of its features is that there is a saltwater lake on Satonda Island. From the research results, the level of alkalinity is very high compared to sea water in general.

If you visit there, you will find many trees called Kalibuda or “Hope Tree”. It is said that the tree is believed to be able to grant all requests by hanging whatever is requested while praying to the ancestors.

This island was used for the shooting location for the film Jailangkung, which was released in 2017. For tourists who are staying there, there are lodging services starting at IDR 800 thousand to IDR 1.5 million per night.

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu is a historical building located in Semarang City, Central Java. It is called “Lawang Sewu” because this building has many doors. Built in 1904 and completed in 1907.

This building holds many mystery stories, because in it there is a torture room and a prison room that are considered haunted by the public. However, it does not reduce the interest of tourists to visit the building.

Not only as a tourist spot, but many also choose to be the location for pre-wedding photoshoot. If you want to visit, this tourist spot opens from seven in the morning and closes at nine at night.

The Lawang Sewu building has also been appointed as a theme and setting for making horror films in 2017.

The Horror Tour of the TPU Jeruk Purut

The Horror Tour of TPU Jeruk Purut became widely known by the public in 2006, which is located in the city of Jakarta. This location is known to be very mystical and terrible.

This tour started to become a tourist spot after the film, played by Sheila Marcia Joseph, managed to shake the hearts of the audience to come and visit this location.

Many tourists visit this place to test their guts. There are several favorite spots for tourists while testing their guts. For example, sacred object trees, twin trees, object trees, bird-headed rea ghosts and sacred wells that are approximately 70 years old.

If you are interested in testing your guts, you can meet the caretaker whose residence is not far from the tomb, approximately 5-10 meters. The caretaker is usually called “babeh” by the local community.

Before doing the guts test, tourists usually get some advice from the caretaker, such as not stepping over a tombstone, saying dirty things, to littering.


Unique Tour in Japan, Zip Line to Godzilla’s Mouth

Unique Tour in Japan, Zip Line to Godzilla’s Mouth – A new thematic park in Japan allows visitors to zip line into the mouth of the enormous Godzilla statue.

Unique Tour in Japan, Zip Line to Godzilla’s Mouth

unique-tour-in-japan-zip-line-to-godzillas-mouth – A new thematic park in Japan allows visitors to zip line into the mouth of the enormous Godzilla statue.

Zip line into monster’s belly As part of the attraction, visitors are invited to become members of the “National Awaji-Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster” and tame this dreaded creature by completing a number of “missions”.

First, visitors will watch a seven-minute film that shows the story behind the site and its operations. These missions include a zip line into the mouth of a thundering (but inactive) monster. The visitors then have to complete a shooting game in which they must stop Godzilla from growing further by targeting his body cells.

If flying into Godzilla’s stomach is anything but thrilling, there’s another zip line that goes through the Godzilla statue. This zip line is about 15 meters high and 162 meters long. A special bag is provided so that visitors can take photos and videos during these attractions so they don’t have to be afraid of dropping their cellphones.

Visitors can also participate in two Augmenter Reality activities that allow players to solve mysteries and collect evidence throughout the park. Players who have completed missions and mysteries will be given a Godzilla Institute paper ID card. In addition, this thematic park also includes the first permanent Godzilla Museum in the world. The museum was created in collaboration with Toho Visual Art Co., Ltd – the team behind the special effects Godzilla films. This museum has about 100 exhibits with several large properties and materials. Including one from the first Godzilla film in 1954.

Playground representatives told CNN Travel that the new attraction has become popular since opening in October 2020. The theme park has also managed to get more visitors. The reason is, since the pandemic took place, local schools and many families have chosen to visit outdoor destinations such as Nijigen No Mori. Especially because of this pandemic, Japan has really boosted domestic tourism. This thematic park carries out the Covid-19 health protocol with Japanese standards. Require visitors to keep their distance and use hand sanitizers. Visitors are also checked for body temperature before entering the park area. And the staff also use a face shield. Besides Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji, Nijigen no Mori also has a variety of attractions inspired by Japanese anime and pop culture.


6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in East Java You Need to Visit

6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in East Java You Need to Visit – When discussing tourist destinations in Indonesia, you might immediately think of Bali, Jogja, or Labuan Bajo, the three most famous tourist destinations today. But Klook also highly recommends you to explore various tourist areas in East Java, which actually have lots of hidden gems that are fun to visit on vacation!

6 Recommended Tourist Attractions in East Java You Need to Visit

6-recommended-tourist-attractions-in-east-java-you-need-to-visit – There are lots of exciting East Java tourist attractions that you can visit, both in Surabaya, Madura, Malang, or Banyuwangi. Which ones do Klook recommend to include in your wishlist and for you to visit for your next vacation?
Here’s the list!

1. Mount Bromo

Calling the tourist areas of East Java can never be complete unless you don’t mention Mount Bromo. This mountain is one of the most popular tourist areas in East Java, and is a favorite of many people because of its beautiful scenery and good access.
Unlike climbing a mountain in general, you don’t need trekking for hours to get to Bromo Crater because you can take a jeep there, then the path goes up a little to the top.
Even local people also rent horses that can be used by tourists who want to go to the top but are not strong enough for trekking to the top.
Make sure you see a beautiful sunrise at Bromo, at least once in your life!

2. Ijen Crater

awah Ijen has been one of the most popular tourist areas in East Java for a long time, but this area has been gaining popularity in the past two years. last. Located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Ijen Crater is now increasingly visited by tourists because of improved access.
Ijen’s main attraction is of course its blue crater and the iconic sulfur mining activities here. Not yet back together with the energy of blue fire attraction – a natural phenomenon not seen much in other parts of the world.

To visit Ijen Crater, the best way is together with a tour from Banyuwangi. The relatively close distance between Banyuwangi and Ijen Crater (only about 2 hours drive) makes this city on the eastern tip of Java a better choice than Surabaya or Malang.
But unless you want to visit Ijen from Surabaya or Malang, there are now available tours that can take you there.

3. Baluran National Park

One more reason why Banyuwangi is so famous in some years. the last is Baluran National Park. Together with Ijen Crater, Baluran is a tourist attraction that needs to be visited for tourists on vacation to Banyuwangi. Even though it is located in Situbondo Regency, Baluran is now better known as a tourist destination for Banyuwangi because of its location which is only about 1.5 hours by car from the city.

In Baluran National Park, you can find natural landscapes that are completely different from what you are used to seeing in other parts of Indonesia: instead of dense tropical forests along with rows of trees, Baluran National Park has savanna fields that can remind you of African landscapes. .
Raisa’s video clip entitled Jatuh Hati was also filmed in Baluran National Park, you know!

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4. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Looking at the waterfall is one of the experiences that can make the heart calm, and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is one of the best waterfall tourist areas that you can find in East Java!
Somewhat different with waterfalls in general, Tumpak Sewu is quite unique because it is wide like a curtain, due to the widening of the river Glidic River. Not surprisingly, many people then call Tumpak Sewu Waterfall like Niagara in North America.

Located between Lumajang and Malang Regencies, Tumpak Sewu Waterfall can be reached together by car driving from both Malang and Surabaya. If you are from Surabaya,

5. Jaddih Hill

Madura also has many interesting natural tourist areas. One of these is Bukit Jaddih, a limestone mine that has grown in popularity over the years. lastly because of the Instagrammable view.
Located in the location of Bangkalan Regency, Bukit Jaddih is approximately 27 km from Surabaya. If you are back on vacation to Surabaya, Klook recommends that you take a day to explore Madura Island and visit Jaddih Hill!
You can do this together by taking a Day Tour to Madura from Surabaya. Delivered by a local guide who is very fluent at the location of Madura, you can also be invited to have lunch at a local Madura restaurant to taste local culinary delights. Yumm!

6. Madakaripura Waterfall

Apart from Tumpak Sewu, another famous waterfall tourist area in East Java is Madakaripura Waterfall. Unlike the Tumpak Sewu, whose water comes from Mount Semeru, the flow of water in Madakaripura Waterfall comes from Mount Bromo, because it is located only about 1 hour north of Bromo.
There are many legends about this waterfall. Some say this is the area of ​​Patih Majapahit, Gajah Mada, meditating. There are also those who call this waterfall the Gajah Mada area enjoying the last days of his life. To be sure, you can see the Gajah Mada statue at the entrance to the waterfall in Probolinggo.
Anyway, Madakaripura Waterfall is the highest waterfall on the island of Java, you know, along with a height of up to 200 meters.
You can visit Madakaripura Waterfall on the same day as a trip to see the sunrise at Bromo


5 Popular Natural Bathing Spots in West Sumatra, Instagramable Spots

5 Popular Natural Bathing Spots in West Sumatra, Instagramable Spots – Lots of unique tourist destinations in the West Sumatra area that are a pity to miss. One of them is a natural bathing destination that can offer a naturalist bathing style. Many of these list of baths that have been famous since ancient times and are increasingly famous thanks to magic come from social places.

5 Popular Natural Bathing Spots in West Sumatra, Instagramable Spots

5-popular-natural-bathing-spots-in-west-sumatra-instagramable-spots – So, to discuss more deeply and convince you to stop by here, mgslotonline here are five unique and cool destinations for underwater photo spots!

1. Lubuak Bonta

This natural bath is not really a leading tourist destination in Padang Pariaman. For the exact area, these baths are available in Korong Tarok, Kenagarian Kapalo Hilalang, District 2 X 11 Kayu Tanam, Padang Pariaman Regency.

This natural bath has been famous for a long time. With the charm of a natural pool of water that is turquoise with various holes from 20 cm to 5 meters. and also the temperature of the water which is too cold but cool. The more natural it is, there are also aquatic plants here which make the atmosphere more natural.

Although this one destination still needs to be optimized, it is too interesting to visit.

2. Mato Aie Paninggahan

This natural bathing object located in Jorong Koto Baru Tambak, Nagari Paninggahan, Solok Regency was formerly known as the Ulu Aie Bath.

This bath, which is located in the highlands, certainly has naturalist views that are too natural and also clear water. Also from a distance can appear Mount Marapi and Mount Singgalang.

These baths have absolute benefits for the local people. Not only as a tourist attraction, but also as a source of livelihood in the surrounding area.

3. Tirta Alami

This natural bath is suitable for family or group tourism, precisely located on the Padang-Bukittinggi route No.60 Nagari Guguak, 2 x 11 Tanam Wood, Padang Pariaman Regency. The location is not far from Minangkabau International Airport

This famous natural bath in Minang Realm has springs that come from Mount Tandikek springs. The water is too clear, cold, refreshing, and of course cold. However, due to the panoramic view of this destination, it is not really a tourist destination that is crowded during the holiday season.

If you desire to spend the night here, there are also lodging, golf course, camping area, flying fox playing area, and many more complete facilities that can spoil you.

4. Open the cat’s eye

The Lubuk Mata Kucing bath was built in the colonial era in 1918. Even so, this natural bath that was not quite glimpsed was almost a memory. For information, it is called Cat’s Eye, because it has clear water and is blue like a cat’s eye when observed from a height.

Lubuak Mata Kucing is located in Pasa Usang Village, West Padang Panjang District, Padang Panjang City. With springs originating from Mount Singgalang with an area flanked by Bukit Surungan and the Batang Anai River, it certainly has an impact on the sensation of the scenery here which is more comfortable and cool. Moreover, various facilities have been built to support the comfort of the tourists.

5. Batang Tabik

These natural baths have springs that come from the Sago Mountains. Batang Tabik is also a famous natural bath since the Dutch East Indies colonial era. The location is available in Jorong Batang Tabik, Nagari Kamuyang, Limapuluhkota Regency. About 20 minutes drive from Payakumbuh City.

Having water quality that is still maintained certainly has the impact of Batang Tabik being a source of drinking water for the population and also a unique tourist destination full of fish. If you stop by here, visitors can enjoy the two pools available, namely the original pool with springs and a specific swimming pool.

So, those are the five lists of natural baths in West Sumatra that you must visit. Every now and then feel the cool sensation of this water.


World Travel Destinations Like a Fairy Tale World

World Travel Destinations Like a Fairy Tale World – Traveling or recreation is one of the activities to unwind and stress after spending the days working and studying. This one activity is very beneficial for the body and mind. After traveling, the mind will be happy and satisfied.

World Travel Destinations Like a Fairy Tale World

world-travel-destinations-like-a-fairy-tale-world – There are so many forms of tourist destinations. One example is a tourist spot that will make you feel like in a fairy tale. Anything?

1. A snowy night in Skelleftea – Sweden

Who likes snow? This tourist spot, located in the city of Skelleftea, Sweden, presents a view of the forest covered in winter snow. At night, you will be amazed by the amazing sky views that are presented here.

However, if you visit in autumn, there will be lots of fallen leaves scattered around the forest with different shapes and colors.

2. Light bath at Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famous tourist destinations located in the center of Singapore. This city park, which covers hundreds of hectares, offers a stunning view of the coast that amazes visitors.

Not only the beach view, tourists can also feel the sensation of an indoor flower garden. judibolalive99 The garden design is inspired by Singapore’s national pride flower, Vanda “Muss Joaquin” which is similar to orchids.

This place will be more stunning if you visit it at night with colorful lights.

3. Historical tours on Rozhdestvenskaya Street – Russia

Rozhdestvenskaya street is a historical tourist spot located on the streets of Moscow, Russia. Along this road, there are a total of 35 historical monuments with stunning architecture, of which the most famous is the “Church of the Nativity”.

This one destination is suitable for those of you who want to track an Instagramable area, because along the way it is decorated with tumblr lights that will enhance the beauty of this area during the night. Interested in coming here?

4. Ashikaga Flower Park’s tunnel of heaven – Japan

If you are on vacation in Japan, don’t forget to come to Ashikaga flower park. In this park you can see Wisteria (Fuji) flowers in pink, purple, and yellow colors. The color combination is really stunning like being showered with flowers.

This park has been designed in such a way as to resemble a tunnel of flowers walking in the tunnel to heaven. It’s beautiful, huh.

5. Christmas festival in Strasbourg – France

In France, there is a small town near the German border called the city of Strasbourg or popularly known as “Capital de Norl”. Every year, this city holds a Christmas festival with typical Christmas decorations that decorate all corners of the city.

You can’t find the Christmas sensation in this city in other places. The togetherness created in the city of Strasbourg will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

6. Ride a snow sled in Levi – Finland

Still with the nuances of Christmas, while looking at this one photo it reminds you of the famous film entitled The Cronicles of Narnia. In the scene where Edmund first meets the White Witch and betrays his brothers due to the Witch’s influence. With a snowy forest background, it will feel more real by riding a snow sled drawn by a deer. Really similar huh!

That’s more than a recommended tourist area that you need to visit while on vacation. Hopefully this Corona pandemic will end soon so that we have the opportunity to come to these amazing places. May be useful!