Maros Dispudpar Rely on Local Tourists to Increase Visits in Bantimurung

Maros Dispudpar Rely on Local Tourists to Increase Visits in Bantimurung – During the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of tourist attractions were confirmed to have decreased visitors, this also happened in the Bantimurung Nature Tourism Area which is directly managed by the Maros Regency Government’s Culture and Tourism Service (Disbudpar).

Maros Dispudpar Rely on Local Tourists to Increase Visits in Bantimurung


adhocpublications – Even so, his party continues to carry out promotions to attract visitors to continue traveling by applying health protocols that have been determined by the central and regional governments.

The head of the Maros Regency Culture and Tourism Office, M Ferdiansyah, explained that his party continued to update the application of health protocols in tourist areas and also vacation methods which of course continued to pay attention to health protocols.

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“We must continue to innovate and see the development of tourist areas, today we see a growing trend in the tourism sector, the method is staycation, or being a tourist in the city itself,” he said, Saturday (30/1/2021).

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Ferdiansyah continued, if the staycation vacation method is indeed catching up with local people, especially those in South Sulawesi, even Maros Regency.

“We can see now, a number of airports have tightened the arrival of residents outside the targeted island, this moment is what we catch, where the people of South Sulawesi can feel living in a tourist area with a new atmosphere,” he explained.

In line with that, the Head of Tourism, Disbudpar Maros, Yusriadi Arief, revealed that a number of facilities at KWA Bantimurung really support people who want to have a Staycation vacation.

“KWA Bantimurung is very supportive of this staycation, because we have provided lodging at KWA Bantimurung, whether we have a hotel or guesthouse, they can stay while exploring the beauty of Bantimurung, feel breakfast on the riverbank in the morning and sleep accompanied by direct animal sounds,” he said.

“We are ready to accommodate the wishes of visitors who stay overnight to enjoy the natural atmosphere and also of course with health protocols,”

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