5 Popular Natural Bathing Spots in West Sumatra, Instagramable Spots

5 Popular Natural Bathing Spots in West Sumatra, Instagramable Spots – Lots of unique tourist destinations in the West Sumatra area that are a pity to miss. One of them is a natural bathing destination that can offer a naturalist bathing style. Many of these list of baths that have been famous since ancient times and are increasingly famous thanks to magic come from social places.

5 Popular Natural Bathing Spots in West Sumatra, Instagramable Spots


adhocpublications.com – So, to discuss more deeply and convince you to stop by here, mgslotonline here are five unique and cool destinations for underwater photo spots!

1. Lubuak Bonta

This natural bath is not really a leading tourist destination in Padang Pariaman. For the exact area, these baths are available in Korong Tarok, Kenagarian Kapalo Hilalang, District 2 X 11 Kayu Tanam, Padang Pariaman Regency.

This natural bath has been famous for a long time. With the charm of a natural pool of water that is turquoise with various holes from 20 cm to 5 meters. and also the temperature of the water which is too cold but cool. The more natural it is, there are also aquatic plants here which make the atmosphere more natural.

Although this one destination still needs to be optimized, it is too interesting to visit.

2. Mato Aie Paninggahan

This natural bathing object located in Jorong Koto Baru Tambak, Nagari Paninggahan, Solok Regency was formerly known as the Ulu Aie Bath.

This bath, which is located in the highlands, certainly has naturalist views that are too natural and also clear water. Also from a distance can appear Mount Marapi and Mount Singgalang.

These baths have absolute benefits for the local people. Not only as a tourist attraction, but also as a source of livelihood in the surrounding area.

3. Tirta Alami

This natural bath is suitable for family or group tourism, precisely located on the Padang-Bukittinggi route No.60 Nagari Guguak, 2 x 11 Tanam Wood, Padang Pariaman Regency. The location is not far from Minangkabau International Airport

This famous natural bath in Minang Realm has springs that come from Mount Tandikek springs. The water is too clear, cold, refreshing, and of course cold. However, due to the panoramic view of this destination, it is not really a tourist destination that is crowded during the holiday season.

If you desire to spend the night here, there are also lodging, golf course, camping area, flying fox playing area, and many more complete facilities that can spoil you.

4. Open the cat’s eye

The Lubuk Mata Kucing bath was built in the colonial era in 1918. Even so, this natural bath that was not quite glimpsed was almost a memory. For information, it is called Cat’s Eye, because it has clear water and is blue like a cat’s eye when observed from a height.

Lubuak Mata Kucing is located in Pasa Usang Village, West Padang Panjang District, Padang Panjang City. With springs originating from Mount Singgalang with an area flanked by Bukit Surungan and the Batang Anai River, it certainly has an impact on the sensation of the scenery here which is more comfortable and cool. Moreover, various facilities have been built to support the comfort of the tourists.

5. Batang Tabik

These natural baths have springs that come from the Sago Mountains. Batang Tabik is also a famous natural bath since the Dutch East Indies colonial era. The location is available in Jorong Batang Tabik, Nagari Kamuyang, Limapuluhkota Regency. About 20 minutes drive from Payakumbuh City.

Having water quality that is still maintained certainly has the impact of Batang Tabik being a source of drinking water for the population and also a unique tourist destination full of fish. If you stop by here, visitors can enjoy the two pools available, namely the original pool with springs and a specific swimming pool.

So, those are the five lists of natural baths in West Sumatra that you must visit. Every now and then feel the cool sensation of this water.