World Travel Destinations Like a Fairy Tale World

World Travel Destinations Like a Fairy Tale World – Traveling or recreation is one of the activities to unwind and stress after spending the days working and studying. This one activity is very beneficial for the body and mind. After traveling, the mind will be happy and satisfied.

World Travel Destinations Like a Fairy Tale World

world-travel-destinations-like-a-fairy-tale-world – There are so many forms of tourist destinations. One example is a tourist spot that will make you feel like in a fairy tale. Anything?

1. A snowy night in Skelleftea – Sweden

Who likes snow? This tourist spot, located in the city of Skelleftea, Sweden, presents a view of the forest covered in winter snow. At night, you will be amazed by the amazing sky views that are presented here.

However, if you visit in autumn, there will be lots of fallen leaves scattered around the forest with different shapes and colors.

2. Light bath at Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famous tourist destinations located in the center of Singapore. This city park, which covers hundreds of hectares, offers a stunning view of the coast that amazes visitors.

Not only the beach view, tourists can also feel the sensation of an indoor flower garden. judibolalive99 The garden design is inspired by Singapore’s national pride flower, Vanda “Muss Joaquin” which is similar to orchids.

This place will be more stunning if you visit it at night with colorful lights.

3. Historical tours on Rozhdestvenskaya Street – Russia

Rozhdestvenskaya street is a historical tourist spot located on the streets of Moscow, Russia. Along this road, there are a total of 35 historical monuments with stunning architecture, of which the most famous is the “Church of the Nativity”.

This one destination is suitable for those of you who want to track an Instagramable area, because along the way it is decorated with tumblr lights that will enhance the beauty of this area during the night. Interested in coming here?

4. Ashikaga Flower Park’s tunnel of heaven – Japan

If you are on vacation in Japan, don’t forget to come to Ashikaga flower park. In this park you can see Wisteria (Fuji) flowers in pink, purple, and yellow colors. The color combination is really stunning like being showered with flowers.

This park has been designed in such a way as to resemble a tunnel of flowers walking in the tunnel to heaven. It’s beautiful, huh.

5. Christmas festival in Strasbourg – France

In France, there is a small town near the German border called the city of Strasbourg or popularly known as “Capital de Norl”. Every year, this city holds a Christmas festival with typical Christmas decorations that decorate all corners of the city.

You can’t find the Christmas sensation in this city in other places. The togetherness created in the city of Strasbourg will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

6. Ride a snow sled in Levi – Finland

Still with the nuances of Christmas, while looking at this one photo it reminds you of the famous film entitled The Cronicles of Narnia. In the scene where Edmund first meets the White Witch and betrays his brothers due to the Witch’s influence. With a snowy forest background, it will feel more real by riding a snow sled drawn by a deer. Really similar huh!

That’s more than a recommended tourist area that you need to visit while on vacation. Hopefully this Corona pandemic will end soon so that we have the opportunity to come to these amazing places. May be useful!

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